Breaking News!

Following on the success of our activities staged throughout 2010/11 exploring the creative potential of augmented realities and novel interactions in public places, the Shang-pool team have begun further developments of the 'Arcadia' project.

Canadian canoe mounted on stand in front of screen showing the park in Second Life

As a manifestation of the Collaborative Laboratory being developed between LJMU, FACT and our friends at the University of Shanghai we are planning an event centred at FACT in November.

Staff from the school of Computing science began discussing how the Kinect system could be customised to provide sophisticated vector information allowing much more intuitive paddle control of our virtual Arcadian canoes.

The video above shows the process of motion capture for the Kinnect system which is being developed by Chris Carter from Computer and Mathematical Science, LJMU. This will form the basis for the FACT event in November but it is also seen as the first phase of a much more ambitious project which is currently under development with prospective partner, ONTECA. Jon Wetherall, director of ONTECA has identified a number of avenues which might be pursued in order to secure funding opportunities and is in discussion with Peter Appleton (Fine Art, LJMU, and Dr David England (Computer and Mathematical Science, LJMU).

Along side the experiments with the Kinect system, the Shanghai Virtual Lab team in Shanghai are developing an App for the IPhone which will allow our virtual park to be enriched and overlaid with sounds and images from China.

Photo of the Video Conference session held between staff at LJMU and University of Shanghai Members of the School of Computer Science hold a skype conference session with colleagues from the Virtual Lab team, University of Shanghai.

You can follow our progress on our Blog. Further information on the event at FACT will be announced as planning develops so keep an eye on our  Events page.